To the Banking Guild in regards to construction.

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To the Banking Guild in regards to construction.

Post  directorironsbane on Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:59 am

Greetings Banking Guild Representatives. I am Damon Roth regional sales director of Larken's Military Emporium, I am working on a business deal with Fort Lendil and various other organizations including the Iron Republic. We wish to get your permission to mass produce Vespadae freighters to use as a base line and make modifications to them for a new line of ships "inspired" by famous vessels. If you require further details please let us know. We hope for a positive response.

Damon Roth, regional sales director of Larken's Military Emporium


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Re: To the Banking Guild in regards to construction.

Post  Admin on Sat May 05, 2012 12:48 am

Dear Mr. Roth,

It is a pleasure to hear about your growing business.
The Banking Guild holds many old designs. Many old designs are beyond classic, they are effective.

The Vespidae and Antares Proto-Vespa are two such classic StarFreighter designs that have stuck around not because they are new or flashy but because they get the job done.

We at the Banking Guild would be honored to be a part of your new product line. We will license you both the schematics and sales rights for both standard chassis as well as the chassis of the Hornet Starfighter.
In exchange we ask for the right to purchase Larken Military Emporium's Line of Famous Vessels at our standard Banking Guild rate for Vespidae and Antares +15% (so that you do make a profit).
You can set whatever price you would like for these products and we will make sure our sale price is 10% higher than yours to encourage direct sales for you. (For example a Vespidae usually wholesales for 10,000, therefore the Banking Guild would pay you 11,500 ghaz for a Larken's Famous Fleets model. If you were to set the sale price for example as 30,000 ghaz, we would make sure to raise our sale price to 33000 to encourage all but the most desperate of people to actually buy directly from you.

Some may say this is price gouging on our part but it will drive business to your factory directly which will allow you to reinvest some profit in building and expanding your operations. At that time you will need heavy machines, parts and raw materials like duracrete and plasteel for building. We hope you will consider purchasing these elements for your inevitable expansion from the Banking Guild.

This is one of the many ways we as the Banking Guild cultivate the galactic economy.

Your humble servant,

Guildmeister Effron Cal Monroe
Guildmeister 3rd Class
The Banking Guild


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