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Post  blackheartsecurity on Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:16 am

Gentlemen and women,
As employees of this company it is only fair that you should know the direction it is heading. In our first year since IRLC licensing I am pleased to say our growth has been phenomenal. however on its current path it is unsustainable. We can't afford to allow ourselves to become a "rent 'a army."

If conflict can be outsourced then anyone with liquid assets can engage in one. War should not be regarded as a stock option. At the same time Su Maehl could never have made his fortune in a galaxy at peace, nor is peace even an option.

Therefore here are the directions we will be expanding upon:
Insurance program: We will be expanding beyond life insurance into the realms of property, convoy, and health insurance (The Last within areas within Lion Guard coverage). This division has been quietly becoming the most profitable. The addition of Convoy insurance especially will allow us to market our traditional security services to a much wider consumer group.

Lion Guard: Lion guard has proven to be highly profitable. Currently Lion Guard affiliated doctors and surgeons lead the way in non-radiation/non-nanite trauma care, our mental health professionals have been slowly revolutionizing trauma recovery. A spin off of this franchise has been battlefield recovery. While Larken's massive fleet of recyclers have conducted highly profitable battlefield salvage Lionguard personnel in specially outfitted medical ships have conducted battlefield recovery of remains. Often times the recovered can be resuscitated, many planetary governors of non-alligned worlds have used our services to recover from calamity.

Investment: The large amount of capital generated in this past year will be used in part to fund an aggressive micro loan program. The loans will be aimed primarily at the Draco Constellation, and the fringe belt of the Free Systems which suffered the brunt of the DaHumb Civil war. These loans will be both traditional with profit from the interest and as venture capital investment with Blackheart Securities becoming a silent investor.

Weapons/Starship manufacturing: This industry has been the backbone of Blackheart's portfolio. In the coming year this division is predicted to advance with aggressive investment in rebuilding warzone. There is a certain irony in the manufacture of weapons rebuilding war torn regions. While these facilities will be Blackheart territory, they will be on nonalligned and draco planets lowering defense and governance costs.

Planetary expansion: This division will be all but cut with the employees being transferred to other divisions. The only planets that will be acquired will be ones of monumental value to the corporation.

Charity: Blackheart's partnership with Doctor's without boundaries was instrumental in the growth of lionguard. Currently all lionguard employees must serve a tor with Doctor's without boundaries or other medical relief chairties. A portion of Blackhearts capital is being invested in other charitable organizations, the inroads provided will allow our analysts to truly gauge what is going on in the universe and invest accordingly.

I expect our profits to continue grow though more moderately in the next year.
Charity: Blackheart's partnership with


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