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Post  Lief_of_FortLendill on Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:17 pm

Scribe looked at the latest reports and wondered the logic in the Princes actions. First he authorized GELPORS to be freely sold to Fort Lendill citizens (Making them cheaper than many brands of hover cars), next he rescinded the restriction on offensive leyas artifacts and most small arms, then he began issuing SW class shot guns and G-class lasers to the populace.

Granted the wave of crime the council predicted never arrived. Most citizens left them in the storage areas of their domiciles. Why would any one commit a crime given the still harsh penalties? Including the loss of state healthcare, and conscription for those of military age.

Still a portion has struck out on their own. What they were doing Scribe didn't know. Some had attempted piracy, requiring Fort Lendill's fleet be used to police internally. Others smuggling, morpheus cubes were unheard of a few years ago.

The one bright side is small businesses had becun to blossom. A GELPORS and some know how and you could easily asteroid mine. In Fort Lendills rush to expand there had been little use to catalog everything, and now some citizens were even setting off to make their own settlements.

Scribe filed the reports. His boss would want to see who the underground movers and shakers were. Both for Marauder recruitment and for national security.


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