Open Play Week 6: In the Dark Streets

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Open Play Week 6: In the Dark Streets

Post  OrleosSacrenine on Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:51 am

Rats scattered and hooded eyes followed a man as he stumbled through the back alleyways of Neo Vargas. He glanced down at the scrap of paper that had the name of his target written on it, some no-name bar that doubled as a front for a Morpheus Den, not the sort of place he desired to go, but then again he didn't have much of a choice.

Making sure to keep his eyes peeled and ears strained at all times, the man finally found his destination. Apprehensively, the man entered the bar, eyes scanning the many booths that lined the walls for his target. He wasn't hard to find, as per the description his employer gave him. The man's skin was the color of old parchment, pulled taut across his body, as if any second the bone might burst forth from beneath.

Bloodshot eyes peeked out from beneath hair that shone with grease in the low lighting of the bar. The bar patron gestured for him to sit, he'd rather stand, but with a single glance at the environment, he thought better of it.

Once settled on the mouldering booth bench, he leaned across the table and spoke in the barest of whispers, "....calling in the favor....job for you....had no choice.....debts paid.....go underground....fights will break out" From inside his coat he produced a simple sack and pushed it across the table. The greasy haired patron made a face, but took the bag.


Diego Estebez considered himself to be a simple man, he worked for Su Maehl of Maehl Enterprises, kept track of Mr. Maehl's interests and investments in Neo Vargas. Anything that needed to be done, he did. Anything that needed to be reported, he reported. From what he just heard in the bar, it seemed he needed to call this one in.

Stalking out of the bar and into a dead end alley away from prying eyes, Diego reached into a pocket on the inside of his trench coat and pulled out his commcrystal to his employer. Clearing his voice before speaking, "Hey boss, looks like we may have a bit of a shake up coming."


Whether roaming the dank alleyways or skulking about in the corners of the populaces eyes, the drug dealers of Neo Vargas were notorious for getting whatever you fancied. Do you wish to fill your lungs with stress relieving smoke from a hand rolled joint? It was provided. Care to wrap your lips around the stem of a hookah in the infamous back alley dens and go on a journey with Morpheus Cubes? They'd show you how far down the rabbit hole went. So long as you had the means to pay, the goods were yours.

A tenuous truce exists between the officials of the city, rival suppliers, and gangs that were their hired muscle. So long as no one rocked the boat and bloodied anybody's nose, then no one's blood would paint the streets. Yet inside squabbles are not unheard of in Neo Vargas. However, the squabbles were dealt with in the confines of the respective territory. Quietly, violently, and with no outside interference.

Change in this city came about not because of a desire to promote the welfare of the populace, but because men and women are unhappy with their lots in life. Those who sit at the top of the pyramid are no exception.

Standing in the mouth of an alleyway, hair reflecting the scant trace of light, a man made an exchange with an emaciated young woman. The man's profession was obvious to the inhabitants as they watched from narrowed eyes. However, alarm bells were ringing and red flags were being raised. This man was not where he should be, this man was going to be a dead man, the encroaching members of Crazy 99 were going to make sure of that.

No man of the A-go-go's made deals on Crazy 99 territory. Blood was going to be shed.


This mission is open to EEF Players, Su Maehl, and anyone they invite. Post your plan to this mission in this thread. Players are encouraged to talk to one another outside of this mission thread. Make plans. Be devious. First person to post gets a single extra repost later to launch secret attacks, ambushes etc. All other players get one post only.

This thread closes at *insert time here*.

(I could swear there was a Crazy # gang in books somewhere, but I don't have my copies on me. If someone could fill me in on theanswer to that question it would be appreciated. Criticism is also appreciated. EDITING IN PROGRESS)


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Re: Open Play Week 6: In the Dark Streets

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:34 am

Lol its not quite the Crazy 99s. Its usually referred to as the 99s Syndicate, but it does have sub chapters so the Crazy 99s are definitely a possible subchapter of the 99s Syndicate.

They are in the Outlaws Guide to Refuge (

Please note in Mission rules that killing is not allowed in Neo Vargas. (local rules)

Please open mission also to all Independent Corp players and those they invite as well.

Set end of mission as December 2nd.


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